Sunday, June 3, 2012

Growing Older, Growing Wiser

As I age I am reminded of the things that use to set me off into a frenzy
How I allowed my anger to dictate my actions
That my emotions caused me not to step back
And assess the situation
With age I have become wiser
I have learned that thinking
Before speaking harshly
Diffuses bombs (sometimes)
That words you can't take back
Can have a stronger meaning
If they are well thought out
Knowing that if my worth isn't valued
This isn't a place I need to be
That loving myself first
Frees me to allow someone else to love me
Just as much
I had to go through some thangs
To get to this point in my life
When I can accept some things as they are
Or change the ones that aren't where my heart, my soul, and my body
Are in agreement with
Living life is a great teacher
And although I have learned some lessons
I am so open to learning many more

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